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BLUEf!t relax

This massage provides relaxation. Laid-back and relaxing, just like the Mediterranean lifestyle, this massage relaxes your body and mind with carefully crafted undulating motions.

Stress relief

Relax, invigorate and detoxify yourself. This treatment takes care of your painful areas. Efficiently releases tension in parts of the body where it is most frequent, such as your back.

BLUEf!t sport

More profound pressure and specific technique with stretching. This therapeutic massage improves circulation and eases muscular discomforts.

Traditional THAI

Thai massage is part of traditional Thai medicine, it works the body energetic pathways. Including point pressure, palm press, finger press and stretching in many different position, it increases range of motion in your joints and muscles. If we add organic oils we can achive deeper massage that will boost your energy and you will feel rejuvenated.

Foot reflexology

A targeted, pressure-point feet massage that restores the flow of energy throughout the body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the pressure points that the pressure is applied to correspond to different areas of the body, so they can help reduce stress and pain, aid digestion and promote quality sleep.

Treatment prices are listed in our pricelist. Treatment offer varies depending on the Spa centers.


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