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Da ljepoti o nama

The story began 35 years ago as a distributor and wholesaler of professional cosmetics for spa and beauty centers.

We cooperate with renowned hotel chains such as Valamar Hotels & Resorts, Maistra, TUI Blue, Amadria Park, Park Plaža Hotels, Falkensteiner Hotels, Plava Laguna and many others well-known hoteliers, as well as beauty salons and spas.

For the owners of beauty and spa centers we offer a wide range of professional cosmetic products for face and body treatments, professional make-up and depilation materials.

We distribute a high quality products from renowned global brands such as:

  • Hungarian luxury brand Omorovicza,
  • Spanish luxury brand Natura Bissé,
  • Caribbean exclusive brand Ligne St Barth
  • Italian brand Diego Dalla Palma i Roial,
  • German brand Malu Wilz i Berrywell,
  • French brand for kid Nougatine,
  • American organic brands BCL SPA and
  • Dutch Astonishing Nails.


Yes to beauty, Balance Spa and Blue Spa – are brands that represent the ultimate experience of wellness and spa treatments located in luxury hotels on the beautiful destinations such as the Makarska Riviera, Rab, Dubrovnik and Austrian Obertauern. Whether you want to indulge in relaxing massages, revitalizing skin care treatments or simply enjoy peace and quiet, Yes to Beauty, Balance Spa and Blue Spa are ideal destinations for you.

Our passion for wellness and beauty knows no bounds, so we are proud to expand our business to America, with headquarters in the heart of New York.

Regardless of location, your satisfaction is our priority and we look forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience at spas around the world.

We develop a unique concept to fulfill the vision of our clients, meet needs of the target market and ensure profitability. We transformed unprofitable wellness and spas around and increased their profit and quality. Da ljepoti will act as your de facto spa director with a Management Contract.


We are innovative and creative, while at the same time keeping the business interests of our clients in mind. In today’s spa and wellness industry it can be hard to find consultants who are impartial and objective. The first step in any spa development, a thorough and objective study of the market, competition, costs and revenue potential should be undertaken to set the proper parameters for your project. Every market and project has its own unique dynamics, so what’s working in one part of the world may not be successful in another and it’s important seek out those insights that can give your wellness & spa the necessary advantage to meet expectations.


When you give the opportunity to Da ljepoti d.o.o. to offer a solution for management and support for your wellness, you are effectively adding an entire team of highly experienced professionals who will focus their knowledge and experience on financial analysis, business, training and marketing.

Wheather through one of our proprietary brands or your own, we can leverage profitability by providing practical, cost-effective ways to drive demand, manage yield, and improve overall guest experience. Management is one of most difficult elements of any Wellness & Spa, so leave it to experts. The demand for good Spa directors is currently very high, but the supply for qualified individuals to do this job is very low.




Mladen Zebić has 15-year experience in management positions in the spa industry, cosmetics industry and FMCG sector. He turned his passion into his own business.

The story began in 2009. with the goal of breathing new life into unprofitable wellness and spa centers by providing top services to its clients. Over the years, it has brought together a whole team of experts, from spa managers, supervisors, therapists, graphic design expert, marketing, sales and administration. He has outstanding results in leading teams.

He has successfully built his work experience by creating and leading well-known brands such as: depilator Čupko, Jean Klebert, Alessandro, Maria Galland, Comfort Zone and many others. He has excellent knowledge of business processes and follows trends in sales, production and marketing, and has exceptional results in leading teams, organization and realization of many complex projects.

This work experience, as well as work in operating and information systems, and in multinational companies give him unique knowledge that he transform to the company Da ljepoti d.o.o. and Yes to beauty brand.

Professionalism, creativity, innovation with a clear vision, strategic approach to work and with a motivated and professional team of people successfully run wellness and spa centers throughout Croatia and Austria. By following the standard operating procedure, implementing a unique business model and detailed financial analysis, it affects on profitability, stimulates demand, increases revenue and affects the overall experience of guests.

He started the Yes to beauty project with great enthusiasm – to provide an unforgettable and unique wellness experience, become the best in the region and ensure profitability.

In 2012. Mladen graduated from the Cotrugli Business School with an Executive MBA. He lives in Zagreb with his wife and two sons.


All our spa staff are highly trained therapists, educated in the Wellness Academy and trained by our educators. Through our specialized Wellness Academy we educated our employees special massage techniques, facial and body treatments, and many other techniques that we offer in our wellness and spa centers.



Spa supervisor&trainer

Spa supervisor with many years of experience in all types of massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. As our Spa and Beauty trainer, she trains spa therapists and supervise the quality of the spa center.



Spa manager

Spa manager with many years of experience in the beauty world. She attended numerous internal educations. She is very communicative person and she strives to provide each guest the best spa experience. 



Spa manager

He is in charge of controlling, technical correctness and coordination with the spa center management. Flexible, communicative, responsible and always ready to help in order to maintain the quality of the spa center's work.



Spa therapist

Monika has more than 10 years of work experience as a beautician. She enjoys a calm and relaxing work atmosphere. She is constantly improving and is always ready to provide quality advice and recommendations about your skin care.



Spa therapist

Sara is a spa therapist who attended numerous internal trainings to upgrade her knowledge of beauty treatments. The positive working atmosphere is what fulfills her the most. Ambitious, persistent and always ready for new challenges.



Spa therapist

Bojana is a certified spa therapist for all types of massages, facials, pedicures and manicures. She looks forward to every new working day. She is looking forward to new challenges and education.



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