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We highly recommend that you book in advance via e-mail [email protected] to ensure your preferred time and treatment.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled appointment to allow yourself time to shower and use the lounge. Late arrivals will be subjected to reduced treatment times.

Upon your arrival, you will be given everything you need for your spa experience (bathrobe, towel, slippers).

Dialog with your therapist should be free and open. Please tell your therapist the areas you would like them to focus on and any areas to be avoided. During your treatment please let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort.

Guests who are pregnant, have had recent surgery or have any other medical concerns are advised to consult their physician before booking spa services.

When you book your treatment, you are holding space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other guests. If cancellation is necessary, we require that you call at least 6h in advance. Cancellations made within less than 6 hours before the booked treatment will be subject to 50% charge. No shows to a booked treatment will be subject to 100% charge.

Thank you for understanding,
Your spa team

For your own safety and comfort, please read and comply with the following at all times.

The wellness and sauna space is heated and it is designed to cleanse and relax your body and spirit. The sauna process is completed with a relaxing shower and rest.

We recommend that people with the following health conditions do not use the sauna:

  • Diseases causing weight loss (TB, Graves’ disease, cancer…).
  • Acute illnesses (infective diseases, heightened sedimentations, fevers…) or illnesses with attacks (epilepsy, muscle cramps).
  • Heart or circulatory diseases.
  • Weak circulation and high blood pressure.
  • Individuals who have consumed alcohol.

Appropriate behavior in sauna:

  • Peace and quiet are the basic conditions for an enjoyable time spent in the sauna – singing, laughter and loud conversation are inappropriate.
  • We recommend the use of slippers while walking in the sauna area. Before entering the sauna you must remove your footwear and leave it outside the sauna.
  • Enter the sauna quickly in order to prevent cold air from entering the sauna. Find a space and sit or lie down.
  • In all saunas except the Steam bath, sit on a towel (the towel must be beneath all parts of your body) – for reasons of hygiene, avoid direct contact between your body and the wood.
  • You may stretch your legs or lie on your towel or move between the lower and higher bench only if there is sufficient room to do so.
  • After leaving the sauna, please shower. Before relaxing in the Jacuzzi or cold pool, you must also shower.
  • Rest sufficiently and intensively between visits to the sauna.
  • The use of bathing suits or other clothing is not allowed. The wearing of jewelry is not recommended.
  • Please wear a bathrobe or wrap yourself in a towel while in the relaxation areas and spaces outside the sauna.
  • It is not recommended to eat food before using the sauna, except for foods that stimulate the cleansing of the body (e. g. a slice of sourdough bread with a little butter or mixed vegetables with a glass of vegetable juice).
  • Before you first visit the sauna, shower and wash your face thoroughly. After using the sauna, washing with shampoo and soap is not recommended – simply rinse the sweat from your body with clear water. Shower with lukewarm water only (in order to rinse any oils from your body), and then with cold water.
  • If your feet are cold before entering the sauna, it is highly recommended to rinse them with warm water.
  • Do not enter the sauna wet. Wipe yourself dry with a towel, after showering. 
  • During your first visit to the sauna, do not stay inside longer than 10-12 minutes. If there is enough space lie down for the first ten minutes, then sit for a short time to normalize your blood pressure.
  • After this, rest for at least 20 minutes. Repeat this entire process 3 times.
  • While you rest, drink as many liquids as possible.
  • Before leaving the sauna area, cool yourself down until you are no longer sweating.

Thank you for respecting these rules.

Sauna / steam bath

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the steam or sauna facilities due to very high temperatures which may cause thermoregulatory imbalances.

Kids SPA menu was developed to provide children between the ages of 6 and 16 with a variety of services. The program is designed to educate our children skin and body care.

  • All children must have their parents consent before receiving treatments and parents must sign a waiver prior to treatments being rendered. A parent or guardian must be present when signing up for treatments.
  • All children receiving massage treatments are required to wear their bathing suit bottoms and/or disposable underwear during treatments.  
  • Parents are not required to be present during treatments; however, they are welcome and encouraged to attend if they choose to do so.
  • Children guests are only allowed to receive treatments noted on the children menu. No deviations from the menu are allowed. 

Thank you for respecting these rules.


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