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Instant refresh

Treatment with hydratation and antioxidative effect in 5 steps:
• Cleansing – soft cleansing milk and hydrating tonic.
• Peeling – chosen depending on skin type and age.
• Serum – chosen depending on skin type and age.
• Massage
• Final cream – hydrating vitamin cream.

Gentleman`s care

Men’s skin – thicker and rich in sebaceous glands, firmer and more elastic than women’s and ages less quickly. However, it is subject to the daily aggressions of shaving, often poorly treated and a subject to effects of a hectic working life. So when it begins to age, it ages faster and it gives way to more pronounced wrinkles. For this reason it needs protection, energy and this specific cosmetic treatment.

Hyalu4plump moisturising

A hydro replenishing treatment that refreshes and restores firmness to dry, dehydrated skin. Enhanced with HYALU4PLUMP – 4 different types of hyaluronic acid. Maintains optimal skin hydration and slows down the signs of aging. Leaves your skin younger looking and revitalised. Ideal for anyone with dry and/or dehydrated skin experiencing the unpleasant sensation of skin tightness, with skin that is prone to wrinkles and affected by external gents (sun, wind, cold, air conditioning).

Deep cleansing facial

We will give your face a fresh new look with this treatment by manually removing pimples and blackheads along with:
• Acid peeling – Stimulates cell regeneration, favouring the neo-production of collagen and fighting the signs of aging and photoaging.
• Calming silver mask – A soothing mask with microsilver which has an antibacterial effect.


Time to shine

Whatever the kind of biological aging of your skin, TIME TO SHINE has a solution to suit every stage in your life. Cell bio-revitalisation and protection of the skin’s support system: an intensive anti age treatment formulated to fight wrinkles and loss of skin tone. Enriched with the precious energising properties of silver, gold and platinum:
• SILVER MICRO-DUST and Anti-InflammAging system strengthen the skin’s barrier structure and counteract the micro-inflammatory processes which accelerate ageing.
• GOLDEN COLLAGENINE stimulates the formation of new collagen and protect skin’s supporting structure.
• PLATINUM SKIN-Matrix reactivates skin’s renewal functions for a deep regeneration and a more toned, plumped and younger-looking skin.


The anti aging treatment inspired by aesthetic medicine to remodel the face and to fight deep wrinkles and fine lines. Enhanced with Collalift®18, skinsheathing protector of collagen. The innovative global anti aging action of the FILLIFT line is based on the synergistic use of cutting-edge active ingredients that are inspired by the new combined techniques used in aesthetic medicine.

Omorovicza queen hydromineral

Luxury facial treatment designed for all skin types. Soothes inflammatory processes on the skin surface, hydrates, drains and has a lifting effect. This facial captures the power of colloidal silver which has been recognised for its anti-bacterial and curative properties. Combined with niacinamide, it Provides a potent blend that combats blemishes and breakouts. Salicylic and glycolic acids help to unclog pores to reveal clearer, smoother, healthier skin. The treatment includes a light lymphatic drainage massage, which reduces puffiness, eliminates excess fluids and toxins that accumulate in the tissue.


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